A brilliant connection ....

BASUCom was acquired by Heinrich Estrak, one of the known and well reputed figures in the telecommunication industry in 2015. His goal was to establish BASUCom as a specialized global wholesale business in the telecommunication industry. BASUCom is now a telecommunication inter-connection carrier specialist, conducting state-of-the-art services of international voice and data transfer for it ́s clients.

BASUCom managed to be both, wholeseller and supplier of telephone minutes, which guarantees excellent margins, unlike any competitor within the telecommunication industry can offer.

"Our aggressive price-policy combined with our high performing team, which, compared to our competitors, operates at extremely low labour-costs, and our own high-tech network, let us fully exploit the market potential. The result are by fare the best margins within the telecom industry."
(Heinz Estrak, CEO of BASUCom)